Our Logs


 with saddle notch corners


     All of  our log components are milled using a Swedish Cope with saddle notch corners.  What does this mean for your home and why is this important?  This traditional look accentuates the natural curvature of each log.  The cope runs the entire length of every log.  This provides a tighter fit than most other methods.

A flat surface log can easily hold moisture and will start to decay.  The Swedish Cope provides a positive drip edge which prevents water from becoming trapped between logs(water can’t travel upward).  Saddle notch corners provide a strong interlocking system as well as protection from weather – each log is covered by another.




                The Swedish Cope log system gives your home the traditional look that accentuates the natural curvature of the log.

 Our affordable, high quality logs are delivered directly to your job site. Call Dan or Brandon  (989)833-7135 for prices and more information.